How do you prepare and eat Acai?

Acai waffles

Most Australians know by now the incredible and growing list of health benefits of Acai, which is high in antioxidants, low in sugar and saturated fat, and contains vitamins C and A and dietary fibre. In addition, early research suggests that Acai can positively impact lowering cholesterol and help the body produce ‘good cholesterol too.


There are many good reasons to add Acai to your diet. Because it is produced as a powder or pulp, many people also know that it is marvellous in smoothies or juices or added to porridge … but beyond that, most people don’t know how to prepare or eat Acai.


How do you prepare Acai?

Of course, you can visit us here at Quick Bliss Acai & Bagel Bar any day of the week, and we can prepare something delicious for you – but if you want to eat Acai at home, then what? Acai is a berry that comes from South America. The berries are about 2cm in diameter and have an earthy taste, which many people describe as a mixture between red wine and dark chocolate.


Everybody experiences their sensation – but the truth is while we often mix Acai with sweet fruits in Australia, they are traditionally eaten as a ‘savoury’ food, hot and salted, and made to accompany any meal. Because one of the best ways to preserve all the nutrients is by processing the berries into powder or pulp for export, we do tend to eat Acai as a ‘supplement’ here in Australia rather than as an addition to a meal – but that doesn’t mean the options aren’t endless!


Beyond smoothies and juices

You can make a smoothie or freshly squeezed juice with Acai. Acai bowls are also very popular, typically a blend of fruit, nuts, and grains. But have you thought about adding Acai pulp to a salad? Or to make it into a salad dressing? Or making it an additional ingredient in an apple or berry pie? You can find some great recipes online.


It has to be said, though, that because the berries themselves are in limited supply in Australia – although you can sometimes buy berries frozen – the benefit of working with the powder or pulp means that you can create something delicious in minutes (like a smoothie, or yogurt bowl) without much fuss.


Acai is quick and easy to prepare into a healthy meal or snack

This is perfect when you lead a busy lifestyle and don’t have much time to prepare healthy meals or the desire to wash up more than a couple of dishes or kitchen implements. At Quick Bliss Acai & Bagel Bar, we have a standard menu that’s bound to tempt you, and we’re always coming up with new ideas too, so if you need some inspiration, then pop in and see us.


Our friendly staff will tell you all their favourites. If you’re starting to experiment with Acai and can’t think beyond fruit and berries, consider adding some chia seeds – some of our most popular flavour combinations include nuts of all kinds, coconut flakes, chocolate chips, coffee flavouring … and to offset the pulp or the powder, try adding some texture – granola is popular because it’s crunchy. Still, you can also mix Acai with your favourite peanut butter and enjoy it on some healthy wholemeal toast!


Hopefully, this will give you enough tips to get started. Don’t forget that even though we’re big fans of Acai and have a great selection of Acai cups, bowls, smoothies, and fresh juices, we also serve delicious bagels, muffins, cooked brekky to keep you going all day, sweet treats, slices and more. Eat-in, pre-order, or takeaway is available seven days a week.


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