Come in and try a bagel


Yes, yes, we’re all about Acai. But that doesn’t mean we only serve Acai. Here at Quick Bliss, we have a full menu of mouth-watering treats that are delicious and good for you.


When we started Quick Bliss in May 2021, we had the determination to focus on healthy foods and treats. Of course, one of our primary offerings is Acai, but we also have a full menu, including brekkie items (like eggs benny) and a range of bagels.


Bagels are made fresh, and we have standard menu items, including vegetarian options, smoked salmon, chicken, and sweet treats, like the Blueberry bagel with cream cheese or the Cinnamon and Raisin bagel toasted with butter! And, at $10 or under, they are a cheap, nutritious breakfast, lunch, or snack.


We also have a range of plain bagels, with vegemite and cheesy mite, or just plain butter – these tend to be popular with the under 5s, who can sometimes be a bit fussy! We’re happy to let you customise your bagel to suit your taste.


Versatile, delicious, and a little bit mysterious!

According to the history books, bagels originated in the Jewish communities of Poland as early as the 17th Century, or perhaps even before. As you probably know, a bagel is a round bread made of flour, salt, water, yeast, and malt. Bagels are different because the dough is boiled, then baked. According to tradition, bagels should be eaten warmly. And they were initially considered celebratory food to enjoy at gatherings and get-togethers and were also given as a gift to women during childbirth.


Of course, bagels have come a long way since then. The texture of the bread, the shape, the size (perfect for holding in two hands!), and the flavour have led to them being eaten in various ways.


Our bagels are popular at lunchtime because they’re easily portable – you can take them back to the office or the park and sit in the sunshine.


But don’t forget that we have seating available on site too, and you’re always welcome to sit down and relax. Plus, when you eat with us, we take care of the washing and tidying up too!


As a family-owned and operated small business, we aim to give our customers excellent service, even when we’re busy! Over time, we’ve developed a loyal customer base, so we must do something right!.. And we’re proud to say our Quick Bliss bar community is constantly growing. You can join us online on Facebook and Instagramtoo.


Are bagels good for you?

We say yes! There’s a lot of conflicting information about bagels. Of course, the answer to this question depends on several factors, including the size of your bagel, the toppings you choose, and whether or not you want to include heavy-bread types of carbohydrates in your diet. But bagels are an excellent alternative to bread, and if you eat them as part of a balanced diet, they can be considered a solid nutritional substitute for a sandwich. Most bagels contain about 300 calories, so if you choose your toppings wisely, you can have a delicious meal that won’t break your weight loss goals!


Of course, if you want something lighter – we have a range of smoothies and our famous Acai Bowls. We also serve tea, coffee, cold-pressed juices, frappes, and more. Our Menu is published online, so you can quickly pre-order, make a reservation, or phone in a takeaway. If you become a regular customer (and we hope you do!), don’t forget to sign up for our rewards programme and enjoy the benefits.

Kathy Quick

Director & Owner

We believe that great food and excellent service are the key to building a lasting relationship with our customers, which is why so many of them choose to make us a part of their daily routine.

Kathy Quick

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